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Lego bricks with iOS for 'digital-to-physical' gameplay, captures our hearts by George Unveiled

Friday, September 30, 2011

There are not many who can ' t 't do some Mindstorming and lots of Lego, so color us intrigued the Lego Group's new game, the life of George. By using free EyeCue enabled the IDF, players are tasked with creating the George photos are using Lego bricks including 144 special "green screen"-like "game pad. Once you've completed your model you will be judged on the iDevice to build fast and accurate to the original image. $ 30 kit promises 12 Level 10 photos to display, and varying levels of difficulty. To add value to the record there is a game for two players and the creation of the scheme, which allows you to create a custom frame models are played. To sweeten the story more, you'll also be able to "keeping up with George in the language's Facebook page, I'm George. If the creator of Lego in itching to get caught, "will be available from Lego to 1. Oct. In the meantime, you can find more details of "PR after the break.

-The construction of digital physics, combination games for LEGO ® builders of life, George asks to test the ability of building, race against time

Bilond, Denmark, September 29, 2011-the LEGO Group announced today "Lego ® life George", the first product combining digital and physical play for LEGO gaming experience. Featuring patent brick recognition programs, outstanding echo, the game challenges players to build models and mat playing as green "screen images and receive degree based on accuracy and speed. Starting from October 1, 2011, you can buy players "Lego life George" for $ 29.99 from LEGO stores and freeware application download games compatible Apple iOS.

George LEGO life on 12-level consisting of headings identified by a student or an expert may be submitted. Each level consists of adventure and George pöördlauast, which consists of a wide range of difficulties in the game, the number of bricks required and the necessary parallel models based on the construction techniques. Builders have to recreate a virtual photo album George is challenged by the physical models in LEGO bricks used in the game; If they have passed all 10 models in the next tier is unlocked.

In addition to the game mode can be played alone or in comparison with competitors in the format of the password and play. Called "My Life" creation mode allows users to design their own models capture the virtual Scrapbook of app

"We realize consumers a powerful connection to the casual game and we have seen how successfully translated the LEGO brand of virtual experiences, he pursued an activity likely to cause the development of the fun way to combine the physical and the virtual in-game as a single product," said Paal Smith-Meyer, Vice President, new business, the LEGO Group. " George "the life of the world is our wishes to offer innovative, new and existing fans to play with LEGO bricks, and interact with the brand."

Who's George?
George is a software engineer by day and by night than. Main pastime of travel photography and numbers and has a fun bgalmeno for players to follow and participate through our page on Facebook, I Am George. Fans can expect to see updates and photo by George of travel, as well as suggestions for new levels of games and applications through posts updates.

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