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Big Lose of Jobs at Nokia More Than 35,000 Nokia Workers Instructed to Go Home

Friday, September 30, 2011

Nokia always said there would be reductions "substantial in employment " but it brutal yet to see it happen. The manufacturer has just unveiled that you want to close your massive factory in Cluj, Romania (pictured above) to move the production of high-volume feature phone for Asian factories. The Cluj plant currently employs 2,200 people. Other "consolidation" of Nokia's trade and location business will result in the closing of the sites in Malvern in the United States and Bonn, Germany, affecting approximately 1,300 employees. Finally, the company also says it I will review its production operations in Salo in Komarom, Hungary and Finland in Reynosa in Mexico, but we won t know how many workers ' this will affect up to one more announcement early next year. Nokia press release says that these cuts will occur until end of 2012 and be 4,000 jobs to supplement the work announced in April it copied in full after the break.

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Nokia continues to adjust its workforce and operations

The next phase of changes to improve efficiency in the production, location & trade, and support functions

Nokia Corporation Stock exchange release 29 September 2011 at 11.00 (CET + 1)
Espoo, Finland-

Nokia today announced plans to take additional actions to align its workforce and operations. Measures both support the execution of the strategy of company and the objective of savings, the company announced this year and also as a target to bring efficiency and speed to the organization.

Earlier this year, Nokia announced the changes mainly focused on aligning R & D activities, intelligent appliances and mobile phones. The company today announced the alignment of operational plans, which include reductions in the production, location & Commerce-business and support functions in the next step.

Nokia plans to adjust its production capacity and renew the manufacturing operations to better serve the global network of customers, partners and suppliers of the following ways:
-Focus on manufacture of telephone function in these locations with optimum proximity to suppliers and key markets. As a result, Nokia plans to close its manufacturing plant in Cluj, Romania at the end of 2011, as Asian factories of high-volume Nokia provide greater benefits of scale and proximity.

-Review of the long-term role of production operations in Hungary, Komarom Finland Salo and Reynosa, Mexico plant these anticipate significant role in the European and u.s. Smartphone customer service, but plans to gradually shift the focus of customer and market-specific software package and it will estimate the sales itself will affect the number of personnel in 2012 with no impact in the fight to 2011 Nokia conversations with employee representatives and parties involved in these sites and expect to have more visibility into the impact the number of employees is possible in the first quarter of 2012.

Nokia has previously announced plans to create a business location & Commerce consolidating asset locations include the operation of social location service and Nokia's NAVTEQ ' s. as part of consolidating this business, Nokia has identified potential synergies and opportunities to increase effectiveness through automation. Location & trade is responsible for directing the delivery of digital content world , best location mapping and location platform-social experience. Nokia plans to concentrate the location & Commerce business development in Berlin, Boston, Chicago and support site, and is planning to close its operations in Bonn, Germany and Malvern, United States.

Nokia also started consultations with employees in sales, marketing and corporate functions, in line with Nokia's earlier announcement on April 27, 2011.
"We are seeing solid progress against our strategy and with this the planned changes, we will emerge as a dynamic, Resourceful and effective Challenger," said Stephen Elop, Nokia President and CEO. "We must take the painful yet necessary, steps to adapt our workforce and operations with our way forward. «

"Europe as a principle of Nokia in the future, in addition to our headquarters. We have presence in Europe, Labor Department. We have four main departments in Finland and two sites in Germany, including the Department of the Research Center, Nokia and other support departments in Europe Web site. In addition, Nokia still maintains a strong competition within in our sales offices throughout the region, as well as many of us in Salo and Komarom, "said Elop.

The planned closure of the factory Cluj combined with adjustments to supply chain operations is estimated to affect approximately 2,200 employees. The planned changes in location & Commerce company is estimated to affect approximately 1,300 people. Staff reductions are in addition to the measures announced in April and is expected to come into force before the end of 2012.

Company values-with Nokia offer for the affected workers planned reductions in the comprehensive support program. Nokia remains committed to support its employees and local communities through the difficult to change.

Nokia Nokia is committed to connecting people to what matters to them by the mobile technology in combination with personalized services. More than 1.3 billion people to connect to one another with a Nokia for our mobile phones more affordable in voice-optimized for smartphones connected to the Internet advanced sold in almost all markets in the world. Our services, the people also enjoy access to maps and navigation on mobile, a store for applications in full expansion, a growing catalogue of digital music and more. Nokia NAVTEQ is a leader in digital mapping complements and services of the navigation, and Nokia Siemens Networks is a leading supplier of telecommunications hardware, software and professional services infrastructure in the world.

FORWARD-LOOKING statements, it should be noted that there are certain commands that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements, including, without limitation, relating to: (A)) the expected plans and benefits of our strategic partnership with Microsoft to combine complementary assets and expertise to create a global ecosystem of mobile and receive Windows phone as our primary smartphone platform; (B)), the timing and expected benefits of our new strategy, including the expected operational and financial benefits and objectives, as well as changes in the management and operational structures; (C)) the timing of the delivery of our products and services; D) our ability to innovate, develop, implement and commercialize new technologies, products and services; (E)) the expectations of market developments and structural changes; F) expectations and objectives relating to our import volumes, market share, prices, net sales and margins of products and services; G) expectations and objectives on our operational priorities and results of operations; H) expectations and objectives relating to cooperation and partnership arrangements; I) the outcome of pending and threatened litigation; J) expectations about the successful completion of the acquisition or restructuring in a timely and our ability to achieve the financial and operational objectives set out in connection with such acquisition or restructuring; and to the Declaration) is preceded by "believe," "expect," "anticipate," "foresee," "target," "estimate," "designed," "plans," "will" or similar expressions. These statements are based on management's best assumptions and "in terms of currently available information. Because they involve risks and uncertainties, actual results may differ significantly from the results, which at the present time, we expect. Factors that could cause such differences include, but are not limited to: 1) our ability to succeed in creating a competitive smartphone platform for high quality differentiated winning Smartphone or creating new sources of revenue through our partnership with Microsoft; 2) expected timing of the planned transition to the Windows phone as our primary smartphone platform and the introduction of mobile products based on the platform; 3) our ability to maintain the viability of our current smartphone Symbian platform during the transition to Windows phone as our primary smartphone platform; 4) our ability to realize a return on our investment in MeeGo and next generation devices, platforms and user experiences; 5) our ability to build a competitive and profitable global eco-system of a sufficient scale, the attractiveness and value to all participants and to bring the winning Smartphone on the market in a timely manner; 6) our ability to produce mobile phones in a timely and cost effective manner with differentiated hardware, localized services and applications; 7) our ability to increase the speed of innovation, product development and bring new competitive Smartphone and mobile phones on the market and in a timely manner; 8) our ability to retain, motivate, develop and the recruitment of suitably qualified staff; 9) our ability to implement our strategy, in particular, our new strategy of mobile products; 10) the intensity of competition on the various markets where we do business and our ability to maintain or improve our market position or successfully respond to the changes in the competitive environment; 11) our ability to maintain and take advantage of our traditional strengths in the market of mobile products, if we are unable to maintain the loyalty of our mobile operator and distributor customers and consumers of the implementation of our new strategy, or other factors; 12) our success in cooperation and partnership arrangements with third parties, including the Microsoft; 13) success, financial position and performance of our suppliers, partners and customers; 14) our ability to source sufficient amounts of fully functional quality of components, subassemblies and software based without interruption and under favourable conditions, including interruptions in production and supplies from one of our suppliers as a result of adverse conditions in the geographical areas where they are located; 15) our ability to effectively manage our production, the creation of services, supplies and logistics, without interruption; 16) our ability to ensure the timely delivery of sufficient quantities of products that meet our and our customers ' and consumers ' ' requirements and to manage our inventory and timely adapt our offer to meet the changing requirements for our products; 17) any actual or even alleged defects or other quality, safety and security issues in our products; 18) the actual or alleged loss, disclosure or release of personal or consumer data collected or available to us or stored through our products; or 19) our ability to successfully manage costs, including our ability to achieve targeted cost reduction and effective and timely manner to carry out related restructuring measures, including the reduction of personnel; 20) our ability to effectively and smoothly to introduce new operating structure for our enterprises; 21) the development of the sector of mobile and fixed communications and general economic conditions in the global and regional level; 22) exchange rate fluctuations, including, in particular, fluctuations between the euro, which is our reporting currency and the US dollar, the yen and the Chinese Yuan, as well as certain other currencies; 23) our ability to protect the technologies we develop or other, or that we license from the claim that we have infringed third parties ' intellectual property rights, as well as our unrestricted use commercially acceptable terms of certain technologies in our products and services; 24) our ability to protect numerous Nokia, NAVTEQ and Nokia Siemens Networks patented, standardized or proprietary technologies from third-party infringement or actions that invalidate the intellectual property rights of these technologies; 25) the impact of changes in government policy, trade policy, legislation or regulations and economic or political turmoil in countries where is our property and we business; 26) disruption to the information technology systems and networks that our operations rely on; 27) a negative result of drawing up; 28) claims about the possible health risks from electromagnetic fields generated by base stations and mobile products and legal disputes relating to them, regardless of merit; 29) our ability to achieve targeted cost reduction and increase in profitability in the Nokia Siemens Networks, and effective and timely manner to carry out related restructuring measures; 30), Nokia Siemens Networks ' ability to maintain the "or improve their market position or successfully respond to the changes in the competitive environment; 31), Nokia Siemens Networks ' liquidity and its ability to meet its requirements for working capital; 32) that is able to successfully integrate acquired assets of Motorola Solutions Nokia Siemens Networks ' business network, to keep existing customers of the company, cross Sell Nokia Siemens Networks ' products and services, has acquired the business and otherwise implement the expected synergies and benefits of the acquisition; 33), Nokia Siemens Networks ' ability to timely implement new products, services, innovation and technology; 34), Nokia Siemens Networks ' success in the telecommunications infrastructure services market, and Nokia Siemens Networks ' ability to efficiently and conveniently adapted to your business and operations in a time limit of increasingly diverse service needs of its customers; 35) the development of large, multi-year contracts or in relation to the significant customers in network infrastructure and related services business; 36) the management of our customer financing exposure, in particular in the area of network infrastructure and related services business; 37) whether ongoing or further government investigation into the alleged violations of the laws of some former employees of Siemens AG may involve and affect the carrier related assets and employees transferred by Siemens AG in Nokia Siemens Networks; 38) any deterioration in the Nokia Siemens Networks customer relationships resulting from ongoing or further government investigation concerning Siemens carrier-related operations transferred to Nokia Siemens Networks; as well as the risk factors specified on pages 12-39 Nokia is the annual report of form 20-F for the year ended 31. December 2010 under 3D. "Risk factors. "other unknown or unpredictable factors or underlying assumptions, is then shown to be incorrect could cause the actual results differ significantly from those in forward-looking statements. Nokia does not oblige any obligation to publicly update or repair a forward-looking declaration on the new information, future events or otherwise, except to the extent legally required.

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