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Skype 2.5 for Android brings video calls to 14 new devices, including Honeycomb tablets

Friday, September 30, 2011

Skype Video Calling

…And then it was 41.

Oh sorry we 're talking Android devices here, especially the source supports Skype video call with VoIP service update version 2.5 has tacked another 14 driven programs to support various Goog deaf and tablets. That 's right said our tablets, Yes, in addition to telephone support, such as the Atrix, Bionic and nexus one Skype is invited Xoom, Galaxy and Acer of tab 10.1 Iconia party We even received reports that video calls will work on other like slates honeycomb pot convert Assyrian sut You will find the full list of devices supported official PR after the break.
Skype 2.5 for Android adds more supported handsets and improved video impressions

Today, we are pleased to announce with Skype 2.5 for Android, we are whitelisting support video robots 14 extra. This brings the total number of devices listed in the whitelist for video calling 41 exciting. Now also will be available by default on many "Motorola devices," including 2.5 OTRI or Xoom Skype connect video. $ 2.5 Download Skype updated Android application from Android market or using your browser or just phone/Android scan the QR code below.

With Skype 2.5 for Android, the list of Android devices we added support for Skype video include:

Galaxy Samsung 10.1 tab
HTC Nexus one
HTC Shooter
Sony Ericsson Xperia live from Walkman
Sony Ericsson Xperia neo v
LG Optimus Black
LG Optimus 3D
LG Optimus 2 x
Motorola Photon
Motorola Droid 3
Motorola Bionic
Motorola Xoom
Motorola Atrix
Acer Iconia

For a complete list of supported devices for video calls, visit the Android Market.

2.5. Skype for Android update also enter further improvements to the video. Now you can switch between portrait and landscape mode during video calls, and zoom with the simple double tap on the screen.

We also improved support for Bluetooth headsets and included a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements that further to enhance the user experience of Skype for Android on your phone.

Moreover, as it is the case with our recent Mac update and iOS, it will be a platform for advertising introduced in this new version. Advertising will not be displayed to users that they have credit of Skype, a call or Skype Premium subscription.

If you have any questions or want to leave feedback, take advantage of new support for Skype. We hope you enjoy the update!

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