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How to Unfreeze Firefox Even when Trick of Shared.xml Useless-Newbie Friendly

Monday, October 10, 2011

Lots of Problems do come up with today's world Browser's but it is not good for a Browser like Firefox which is know and famous for it's Stability, In the Beginning and I am not talking about Stone Age Era I am Talking about the Age when Only Internet Explorer by Microsoft was use to Browse the Internet, But with the passage of time Kinds of Browser's has been introduced in the World with Latest Advance Features, Like Pre-Catching and Pipe Lining, But for a Browser Like Firefox Freezing will not make a very good Impression. I have been Searching through Out the web for a Solution to Unfreeze Firefox but Only thing which I got was Disappointment.

Lots of Bloggers and Internet Writers have given the same old Trick to Solve the problem which does not seem to work in my case that to Delete the Shared.xml File from AppData Folder, So I have to think Something New. Now Before trying that I would Like you all to Backup your Firefox Passwords, Bookmarks and Settings with a Really Cool Firefox Software MozBackup which can be download from Here.

Note: Medium Level of Computer Expertise Required.

Once you have backed up All your Data Follow my Steps:

1. Uninstall Firefox.

2. Delete Any "Firefox" or "Mozilla Firefox" Folder that you find in your Computer.

3. Delete the Secret Folder of Mozilla Firefox from AppData in Order to that Unhide your System Files and Navigate to C: > Users > User Folder (e.g John) > AppData >Roaming and Delete the Folder "Mozilla Firefox".

4. Once you have done that Install a Fresh Copy of Mozilla Firefox and Restore All Your Data Using MozBackup.

I Hope that Helps you Please Feel Free to Comment,

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