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New Bad Boy in the House: Samsung Galaxy S2 Crashes iPhone 4 winning Streak at T3 Annual Awards

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It is a Great Year for Samsung when it was Announced Earlier that Samsung Galaxy S 2 wins the T3 Annual Award for "the Best Smart Phone" of the year.Luke Peters, Editor of T3 said “The Samsung Galaxy S II is a gorgeous looking phone with slick operation, a great social hub and the best camera on any smartphone to date".

Some Specification of Samsung Galaxy S 2:

The 4.3" SUPER AMOLED Plus display goes a step beyond the already
remarkable SUPER AMOLED to provide enhanced readability,
a slimmer design, and better battery consumption
for the best viewing value of any smartphone.

Dual Core Application Processor
Clocking at lightening speeds the performance of
the Dual Core Application Processor provides functionality
and density for fast browsing, quick multi-tasking, a smooth UI, snappy
streaming and efficient gaming. With encoding/decoding ability that
supports video play and recording, the Samsung GALAXY S II showcases outstanding power and performance.
8.49mm Slim Design

Taking slim to the next dimension. The Samsung GALAXY S II rides the leading
edge with an ultra-slim 8.49mm form factor, a luxurious design and
an easy grip. The ultra-slim smartphonealso boasts 3D TouchWiz UX
adds to the evolutionary experience with a futuristic user interface.
8MP Camera with LED Flash
Get your shots in. The 8MP auto focus camera doesn’t miss any details whether you’re shooting idleness or action. Take beautiful, detailed photos even in low light with the built-in LED flash. And thanksLink to the much improved user interface of Android Gingerbread, fast scene switching is possible. And a quick switch to the 2MP front-facing camera makes self-portraits a snap. Picture the difference.
NFC short-range high frequency wireless communication

Samsung GALAXY S II has it in hand. It will house NFC short-range high frequency wireless communication technology for contactless credit card payments. It can communicate with existing smartcards and readers and is compatible with existing contactless infrastructure for public transportation and payment systems. Use NFC for secure purchasing, ticket reservations, as a transit pass, or even for electronic door entry. You can even scan smart tags on posters or billboards to download the details to your phone. That’s Samsung smart!

Credit for Specifications: Samsung

Apple was constantly winning T3 Annual Award for Last Three years but this time the Reason that took Apple Out of the Race for achieving the Glory and the Best Smart Phone Tag for the year was the Reason of antenna-gate scandal that caused Apple to say that if you lose calls, that's your problem. Now that is a very Rude Explanation to be said by such a Big Company Like Apple who have such a Big Fan Following all around the World.

Although Apple do won Some Awards in the T3 Annual Awards among which the biggest Award Apple won was the "Tablet of The Year" for "iPad". This Year Award also Lighten up the Heat for the on going Battle among Apple and Samsung, Apple who have been dominating the Electronic Industry for the Past three 3 Years, It was a quiet Shame for Apple for not Achieving the "Best Smart Phone" Award and the biggest Shame was to loose it to to your biggest Rival, So in a way Samsung has beaten up Apple may be not in the War of Patents and Courts but Samsung did take the Lead in the T3 Annual Awards Over Apple.

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