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Stuff to Do: To Make Google Fat Panda Update 2.4 Friendly

Sunday, October 9, 2011

We all are familiar with the Latest Algorithm Update of Google which is commonly knows as Google Panda Update 2.4. In this Update Google has strict it's Algorithm and Page Ranking Mechanism to only Focus on Sites which have Quality back-links or high quality back-links pointing towards their site.

This Update has dramatically changed the entire scenario of Search Engine Optimization World, Also people possessing smaller sites who do not have quality back-links and Fresh Content are facing major Page Rank drops through out the night.

The Only way to Tackle or be friendly with the Google Panda Update 2.4 is to first deeply understand the scenario how Google ranks websites and on which criteria Websites are given first position in Google, Take a Look at this Factors:
  • Time on site – determines quality of the site
  • Bounce rate – percentage of people who leave the site without doing anything
  • Social Signals such as +1’s – are people recommending this site?
  • Page Views – how many views per visit
  • Branded Search Traffic – the amount of people on the site specifically looking for a given site.
Focusing on these points and the will to write fresh and unique Content is the Only Key to be successful with Google Panda Update 2.4. Now without wasting much more time I would like to Introduce you to Steps which are very Important to be friendly with Google Panda Update 2.4, Take a LOOK:

1. Improve your website’s content:

If the rankings of you website has reduced drastically, thanks to Google Panda Update, it means you have “low quality content” on your website or some of its web pages. So, make sure to improve the overall quality of your website’s content. You can either remove, improve, or shift the web pages having “low quality content” in order to ensure high SEO rankings.

2. Avoid duplicate content:

Get rid of all the duplicate content on your website, or replace them with “fresh” and “original” content. You can also make the use of “Robots.txt” file to block Google Spiders from going through your categories, or pages, having duplicate content.

3. Useful and Relevant content:

The content of your website should not be of just “high quality”, but should also be ”useful” and “relevant” for your readers or users. It would not just ensure high SEO rankings of your website, but will also increase the popularity of your website in long term.

4. Include information along with Media:

If your website has a lot of “images” or “videos”, make sure to include meaningful content, related to your videos or images, along with them. It would help to increase the SEO rankings of your website, and bringing continuous “Linkfree traffic” on it.

5. Find out your weaknesses:

Just try to find out those “web pages”, which are negatively effected by Google Panda Update. And then check out if those web pages have duplicate, or irrelevant, content? If yes, then you must replace it with “original” and “useful” content.

This would help you to work towards a high quality website, enjoying high SEO rankings and continuous free traffic.

So, playing by the rules of “Google Panda Update” will help your website to get high SEO rankings. Moreover, you must see this Panda as an excuse to improve the overall quality of your website, and bring continuous free traffic on it.

I hope my points will be useful and it is always good to share so Please Share Your Experiences.

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