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Vicious battle Between AT&T & TMobile Companies CEO ask for more Spectrum at SAN DIEGO Unveiled

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nation-wireless CEOs are locked in a vicious battle over the merger of AT&T/T-Mobile, but they did well nice at the CTIA Wireless keynote address today's praise of industry wireless innovation, environmental awareness and social responsibility.

Sure, it was a few excavations: Sprint CEO Dan Hesse compared AT & T CEO Ralph de la Vega on Abraham Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth ", while de la Vega Hesse" the best actor in wireless. "Sprint has persistently refuses to AT & T" to the purchase of T-Mobile, while AT & T says Sprint isn 't really interest "in the national competition, but rather in the weakening of the AT & T.

Different from those brief excavations, Hesse, de la Vega and Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead instead focused on objection arguments on which all could agree. Vega went into great length about how AT & T is nurturing small mobile developers and ideas within AT & T enhancing collaboration within the enterprise and with partners.

Mead has also focused on the "collaboration" as its theme. "

"Even though the wireless industry is competitive, it has also been fiercely can grow and prosper in connection with mutual cooperation, " Mead said, an indication of roaming agreements and cross-carrier of the inter-carrier text messaging as examples of cooperation.

All three CEOs talked a lot about how wireless devices can improve health, especially in terms of telemedicine and keep safe older people. Wearable technology is a new frontier main monitoring vital signs for everyone from newborns to runners, said De La Vega. AT & T ran several videos from partner by device manufacturers fall detectors for automobiles, all praising AT & T as a partner.

CTIA 2011

Mead touted centres of innovation of the Verizon, brings the possible Verizon Wireless device manufacturers to facilitate the development of the apparatus. There are also some videos showing off the coast of solutions in health care, transport and use of energy and the Bank. Comparing two similar videos, the theme of the Verizon music is much more aggressive than AT & T's; AT & T came more into depth on a few individual partners.

"Creative Partnerships has been a key focus area for us on Verizon Wireless several years " Mead said.

Hesse, praised for his part, the cellular industry pursuit of environmental objectives and its moves against distracted driving. U.S. wireless carriers using more recycled plastic, they move to the MicroSD-based universal chargers for Smartphone, and they are dramatically increasing the number of the products taken back for recycling, Hesse said.

"More jobs, more growth, more spectrum is a gain for America, and to clean up the Air we search Congress," he said.

Largint also took a few minutes to praise the "Steve Jobs", reminding viewers that Apple is a member of WTO, CTIA (although not displayed in the company, speaking at, or even officially a public event attended CTIA).

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